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Skype Therapy – Mindfulness Therapy via Skype for Anxiety & Depression

Welcome! My name is Peter Strong. I offer mindfulness therapy via Skype for overcoming anxiety and depression and for working with a variety of emotional psychological problems that respond well to the principles of mindfulness therapy. Now I offer my…

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Mental Health, Mindfulness and YouTube

– Hello, so today I thought it’d be a little bit something different. I’ve gone for a walk down near my local canal. I love canals, it’s a great way to chill, relax, unwind and sometimes that’s exactly what you…

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Het NK Mindfullness | Klikbeet

As found on Youtube

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Using mindfullness to help with ADHD

Everybody my name is Kim reciever welcome back to my channel in my video about parenting ADHD children while you have ADHD I test on mindfulness playing a role in preventing and mitigating conflict what is mindfulness how is it…

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How Powerful Is Mindfulness and How to be Mindful

Mindfulness okay so let’s hit home with mindfulness shall we because to me mindfulness is one of the biggest amazing beautiful gifts that we can ever be given and obviously mindfulness falls into the bracket of meditation and also you…

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Mindfulness : Skills for People

It’s very simple mindfulness, it’s really just helping people become more aware of What’s happening right now in this moment? most of us spend our time in our heads thinking about the past worrying about the future and It’s actually…

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