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How To Solve Money Problems In Life

Your money challenges are not what you think they are. Let’s get under the surface and take a look at what’s really causing the problem because I’m here to help you figure out how to solve your money problems in life? Now money in your life can be a very challenging experience when you don’t understand what is wrong inside of you, when it comes to your connection with money.

So you may very well have a glitch inside and a program about money that’s just not going to serve you and no matter how hard you try, you try to earn some money and it’s just going to go away or you might find yourself saying, “I just don’t have enough. I never have enough.” So if you’re interested in changing your experience with money, pay attention. I’m going to show you some things here that are going to help you understand your psychology and your experience with money.

Now on this chart over here, I drew money with a scale and your personal value with a scale. Now a wrong thing is for us to attach our personal value to the amount of money that we currently have and even though it’s wrong and it’s incorrect, people do it all the time. I did it. You know I used to be there where my value was connected to how much money I have. If I had low amounts of money, I felt like I had low value. If I had money, I feel like I had value and literally my attitude got affected by where my money was. If my money is low, my attitude was low. If my money was really down then my attitude was really down and here, my attitude is following my level of money. Now even though you and I both know that’s not correct. Why can’t I just have great value no matter where my money is functioning? The reason why that doesn’t happen is because in the middle, what we have connecting everything is emotion.

You most likely have an emotional connection with money. It’s not just you know a quantity that’s in your bank account, there’s actually an emotion attached to money and that same emotion is attached to you. So as the money changes, your emotions change. For example, if somebody had a thousand dollars, they get really happy. And if somebody just lost a thousand dollars, they get really upset. And so you have seen over and over again where money can control a person’s emotions. That is dangerous because if money goes down and your emotions go down and your value goes down, what is going to cause the money to go up? Because doesn’t it make sense that somebody with high value would get paid more money? And somebody who has low value and bad attitude is going to get paid way down there less. They’re going to be the problem person.

So we as people, need to switch something inside of our head when it comes to the emotional connection we have between money and our personal value. But how do we do this? When you were growing up, you had these experiences that were connected to things of value and you either had something stolen from you or you lost it or you had money you spent it and you wish you didn’t spend it but you had all these different experiences connected with things of value. I know for me, one of the many things that happened to me growing up is I came out of school one day and my bike was stolen. It’s just gone. I had a lock on my bike the lock was cut and my bike was stolen. I walk home and I’m just upset crying a little bit but I’m super upset. I get home and I tell my mom what happened and I’m just upset. And then that time in my life I realized, there’s people who steal.

There’s people who are mean and when I have something nice somebody’s just going to steal it from me. Wow! That was a childhood experience but doesn’t it sound like some kind of rule or law that I just put into my head? If I have something nice somebody’s going to come along and just steal it. You see, all these experiences that we had growing up as a child and even into our teens, those experiences make a imprint on us and that imprint now carries with us as we’re continued to grow older. So you have money imprints that have been put on you by past experiences. That imprint has an emotion attached to it. Now you may not know this but emotions, they don’t care how old or how long it’s been. Emotions live inside of us as though it happened today. So your imprint experiences with money have generated an emotion, which now has connected this scale and this scale to move at the same time. When your bank account goes down, your emotions go down your value goes down and then when things go down, you struggle.

Just like I struggled. Like when I first started trying to figure out what my money program was and what my head was doing with money and I began to discover what this was and what’s going on, I watched my bank account go down and I watched my attitude go down and my emotions go down, and I thought I need money so I can feel better. Whoa! Did you just hear that? Now all of a sudden, money becomes the one thing that’s going to make us happy because when your money’s down, your emotions are down and your values down, you know that money took you there because you’re emotionally connected to it.

So guess what? You now decide that I can’t be happy unless I have money. So these emotional imprints have literally wired money and your value together and as long as those are wired together, you’re in trouble. You are going to struggle because you’re going to be like well as soon as I have money then I’m going to feel better and my personal value will go up. But how are you going to produce more money when you have a bad attitude and you don’t think you’re worth anything? It’s not going to work. That is not going to work. And especially if you are selling a product or a service, who’s going to buy from you? Because your values down, your emotions, your attitudes down, who’s going to buy from you? You can’t move that money needle because you’re down. So you’re stuck and your money issue is, your value and money have been welded together through emotions of imprints from your past. So doesn’t it make sense that we need to break this? We need to separate this.

We need to divide this so that it doesn’t have that welding experience of controlling you. Because boy do I know a lot of people who are waiting for money so they could be happy. And it’s like you’re going to wait a long time. It’s going to be a long time for that to happen. So what do you do? Well, we got to take and create and divide. We’re going to seriously look at getting rid of this emotion and taking it out. So watch what I’m doing. I’m taking the emotion out. There it is. We’re getting it out. And notice that I’m finding where it’s at. Looking for it. And you get it out. If you will start journaling about your past experiences with money, all these emotional imprints are going to come to the surface.

And if you will start acting like your value is here, no matter what your bank account is, you make a decision. This is where you are at, this is where you are at every single day. You decide, I’m of great value because I love, I care, I can serve, I take care of my kids, I have friends and that you have all these reasons why you have a high value that have nothing to do with money.

Nothing to do with money. Nothing. Zero. If we can’t find what gives us value that is not connected to money, you’re in trouble. So number 1, start journaling about money and all your past, weird, ridiculous things that have happened in your past. Just to find the understanding of why you’re so emotionally connected to money. Just journaling about that is going to bring it to the surface, raise your awareness and give you power over it. That’ll change. That’ll change you. Over here, number 2, start creating a list of everything that you’re grateful for that has to do with people, experiences, qualities, talents, gifts, everything that you have. But don’t put anything in there about how much money you have. Make a list of everything you’re grateful for to literally build up your inventory inside of who you are that you’ve got great value.

So you do the journaling and literally, just start writing and thinking about who stole from you, where’d you lose money, where’d you buy something in a broke release soon, where did you feel ripped off, taking advantage or manipulated, where it didn’t go well. You probably a few of those stories in your past and while that story sits down inside of you, and it doesn’t get to be expressed, that means that the emotion is still there. And if that emotion is there, it’s going to take your personal value and money and weld those two together and you’re going to struggle. So find the stories, write the stories, express the stories. And then number 2, make the biggest list of all the things that you’re grateful for and when I say big, we’re talking a hundred. A 150 things that you’re grateful for and just be able to separate those two so you can be less emotional about money and more in control. Less emotional and more in control. Great idea right? Super great idea. Start taking action and what I just shared with you and it’s going to work for you.

If you’re ready to take it to another level, click the link below, check out what I have for you on learning how to master your thoughts. It’s a real big game-changer especially in the category of money. Believe me it’s going to help you create a lot more money and save a lot of money. Click the link, check it out and hey before you go ,click that subscribe button because I’ve got another great video coming your way. .

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