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The secrets of how to be happy

Hi my name is Olga and welcome to my
channel. My channel is all about happiness. I created my channel because I wanted to share my experiences in creating happiness and I want to know
what could make you happy. If you want to be happy and you want to join me in
understanding what makes a person happy or how can we create happiness then
please subscribe and share my video. What do they say about sharing? What you give
is what you receive. So let’s share happiness, so that we receive happiness.
Right? To my background I come from the
Philippines and I live here in Germany. I come from Zamboanga City. That’s chavacano our
dialect in the Philippines. we have lots of dialects in the Philippines and I speak
chavacano in Zamboanga. It has lots of Spanish words in it but the grammar is
in Filipino. Here in Germany we have a different setup. But we don’t
have that access like we do in the Philippines, of course So the Setup is quite different So I had a struggle in looking for happiness
I found means and ways through reading Researching in YouTube. And I found tricks.
I found means and ways, and I implemented in my life. So that’s what I want to
share with you and I just don’t want to share but I also want to be a part
of your journey in looking or making happiness.
I want to unfold with you the secrets of being happy because it’s actually for
free. Well you can use money but what you can do is actually for free. So I want to unfold that with you. Could you implement that
in your life too? Well in the Philippines people think just being rich will make a
person happy. A lot of people think this but it’s not true it’s actually the
leveling up that makes a person happy leveling up makes a person happy but
that doesn’t necessarily mean that being rich will make you happy.
Look at those Hollywood stars Michael Jackson Britney Spears they are rich and
they are even famous. Because it’s not the reason
for being happy, not wealth Well
in this video I would like to talk about what makes a person happy and I’ll share
my trip to you going to Salzburg. I went to Salzburg and it’s a very
beautiful place. It’s in Austria and Austria is at the boundary of Germany. So
it’s not the far, you can drive five hours drive, it took me five hours to
drive there, but it was fun. So what does make a person happy. This things that I am going to talk about now I mplemented this in my video in one way or the other.
I hope you could recognize it. Stay socially connected number one. To be
happy, well you should stay socially connected. Not through videos not through Facebook or Instagram, whatever, tweet, but in person well your being happy together. with each other. Face to face. Not virtual Myself. Who else? Love yourself. Yes love yourself Because We should be engaging in pleasant
expectations. Engaging in pleasant expectations makes a person happy. You expect something Expectation of something Pleasant, makes a person happy. Number three if you have
money, spend it in experiences and not buy like for example another material thing.
Like a cell phone or whatever you want to buy, if you want to be happy. Because
experiences stay in your brain longer than when you buy material things. you have good experiences you have it in
your heart and it stays in your brain longer Well, if you dont have money to pay for those experiences, you don’t
really need money. You can make experiences with your friends without
really have to pay or pay a lot. It’s up to you be creative. Just know experiences, good experiences, make a person happy and do that In learning new things your brain secreets
dopamine and dopamine is a hormone for being happy. Well you don’t need to go to
school. That’s not what I mean Be interested of something How do you do this how do you do that what is this and what is that. Just be
curious. Interested in knowing it and how to do it Because there’s no dopamine secreting in your brain you feel boring. You don’t feel the happiness. But if you learn some things. If you’re curious of things. Ah its like that. Something is happening in your brain. Which gives you a good feeling when I was in Salzburg, I visited Mozart’s house, because I just wanted to
know how he lived before, how his family was, how he was and seeing and knowing
how it was before, just made me feel good another thing is accept flaws. something positive about them and that’s not so positive about you Focus on yourself and
what you can do and what your opportunities are That was my trip to salzburg. Salzburg
is a very beautiful place. Whenever I go to other places, I always buy these
magnets for remembrance, for me to remember the beautiful experiences that
I had. So be sure to have something in your hand, if you have nice experiences
so you could remember the nice experiences that you had if you see
these objects you

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